Webinar – Downside of working 100% remote; a psychologist’s perspective

Downside of working 100% remote; a psychologist's perspective

Remote working can have its own advantages. With greater flexibility of working hours, comes work-life balance, productivity, and some greater employee satisfaction.

However, 100% remote work can contribute to employees feeling disconnected from their organization due to a lack of ways to socialize and meet their colleagues. Join us on a discussion on what leaders are having challenges with and what may be the struggles of full remote teams. 

Watch the full Webinar to find out the biggest “Downside of Working 100% Remote” and how to deal with it from our conversation with Dr. Nima Moayedi, Clinical Psychologist at Psychology Works, Inc.; Nick Reddin, Vice President at American Technology Consulting, and Mike Van Buren, eLearning strategist at Go1.

Host: Zee Asghari (Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Auzmor Inc.)

Speaker: Nima Moayedi (Clinical Psychologist at Psychology Works, Inc.)

Guests: Nick Reddin (Vice President at American Technology Consulting)
      and Mike Van Buren (eLearning strategist at Go1)


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