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Become audit-ready

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Employee development

Upskill & personalize employee training

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Partner training

Fuel channel partner growth

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An all-in-one LMS

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Discover top trends to facilitate smarter business practices


Hire smarter and onboard faster

Streamline and automate your hiring process to hire top-of-the-pool candidates with ease.

Candidate referral

Harness the potential of your employee network to hire the most suitable candidates.

Create opportunities

Share job postings automatically with your employees to create referral opportunities.

Track referrals

Set up referral tracking
from within the ATS.

Automate screening

Use ATS for automated
candidate filtering.

Reduce time-to-hire

Reduce time-to-hire for
each job role.

Improve engagement

Enhance employee participation and engagement with an easy-to-track referral program.

Decrease cost-per-hire

Decrease cost-per-hire by streamlining your recruitment process.

Candidate interview management

Improve recruitment efficiency and effectiveness with Auzmor Hire.

Packed with interview tools

Easy access to AI-powered tools that help you schedule interviews, minimizing the back and forth of scheduling.

Bulk interview scheduling

You can now schedule interviews with all your prospects in one go while designating specific hiring managers. Perfect solution to save time and facilitate greater efficiency.

Video interview support

Automate interview invites with ease to ensure a seamless recruitment process.

Resume parsing

Facilitate faster, smarter hiring practices by eliminating redundant tasks from your workflows.

Faster data collection and processing

Why review each resume manually when you can use Auzmor Hire to parse through resumes and collect every bit of required information in minutes? Not just that! It also helps process the data faster and makes shortlisting easier.

Consistency in data

No matter how many resumes you need to parse through, with Auzmor Hire, you will get consistently segmented data. Set up your format, and you are good to go!

Format standardization

Auzmor Hire allows you to set up your own format for standardization. Simply fill in the required fields and our resume parser will have a list of talented candidates ready for you.

Streamlined and accurate matching

Resume parsing not only helps with data processing but also helps you match with candidates that are most appropriate for the role.


Resume parsing is an automated analysis of resumes based on a pre-set criteria.

It is the perfect tool for weeding out unfit candidates. It will fastrack your hiring process and you will be able to funnel in top-of-the-pool candidates with ease.

Yes, you can share the job posts on social media and other communication channels easily.

Yes, you can easily integrate conferencing tools with our ATS.

Yes, Auzmor Hire lets you rate your candidates to help make better hiring decisions.

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