Create A High-Functioning Careers Page

Integrate your ATS with your careers page to streamline your
recruitment process and candidate pipeline.

Showcase Your Employer Brand

Make sure job seekers get a sense of your company’s culture and business so they can decide if it’s a good match.

Engage Visitors

Ensure that your careers page has engaging content, great user experience, and offers candidates a glimpse of your brand story.

Organic Web Traffic

Optimize your careers page with key search terms to help increase search traffic from active and relevant applicants.

Improve Hiring Metrics

A great careers page allows candidates to understand your employer brand and pre-screen themselves to see if they are a good match for your company.

Attract Talent

Create a careers page that tells candidates your story, the perks of working with your organization, and what you are looking for in talent.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate your careers page with Auzmor Hire to post jobs on your website simultaneously without any coding requirements.

Design Your Careers Page

Express your employer brand by customizing your careers page with content that offers a look into your organization’s work environment, understand your hiring process, and show off your team.

Exceptional Candidate Experience

Be transparent about your hiring process and let candidates know what to expect for a better candidate experience.


Once a candidate accepts your offer, you can redirect them to the onboarding phase with ease.

Candidate engagement

Actively communicate and keep your candidates engaged throughout the hiring process to reduce dropout rates and facilitate good candidate experience.

Unified response structure

Your talent acquisition team doesn’t have to map out responses for each individual candidate. You can create a unified response structure for all applicants within the portal.



Yes, you can easily link your career page to Auzmor Hire. That way when you post a job it will automatically be posted on your website as well.

Yes, Auzmor Hire has an open API and can be integrated with an HRIS.

Yes, we provide a free trial for 7 days after the demonstration for Auzmor Hire.

Streamline internal communication and feedback on candidates, reduce time to hire, and track what are your top sources
for your best talent to allocate recruiting budgets accordingly.

Yes, Auzmor Hire has an Open API.

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