Accelerated Knowledge Sharing With Social Learning

Tap into a wealth of information by making social learning a part of your
employee training program. Help build collaboration, increase engagement
and enable employees to learn from each other.

Open Up Lines Of Communication

Build a stronger company culture and strengthen social bond between coworkers with the
power of social and collaborative learning through your LMS.

Improved Communication

Keep employees updated and engaged by streamlining your communication through social feeds with an all-in-one training platform to help unify communication for upcoming content releases, any training updates, and what to expect.

Maintaining Connections

Remote work has become the new standard. Enable employees to stay connected with social feeds by sharing ideas on best practices, thoughts on training that can help one another improve, and recommend content to one another.

More Informed

Create a central location for employees to exchange ideas with their colleagues on a wide range of training topics by creating general discussion boards or chats for teams to ask questions and increase efficiency.

Capture Knowledge

Allow employees to share their knowledge of certain pieces of information and allow knowledge transfer from experts internally on certain processes.

Modern and collaborative learning

Adapt your training to suit modern learners and help keep your workforce engaged with social media-like communication features built into your LMS.





Project management

Modern And Collaborative Learning

Adapt your training to suit modern learners and help keep your workforce engaged with social media-like communication features built into your LMS.





Product management

Empower Employees To Collaborate

Build stronger collaboration amongst team members by powering them with
peer-to-peer learning and peer-to-instructor learning.

Discussion Forums

Create discussion forums that can be private or public around certain courses, paths, or events that are taking place to allow employees to leave feedback, recommend content to one another, and share knowledge.

Live Chats

Bridge communication gaps by assigning subject matter experts within your LMS for employees to be able to directly instant message them for better clarity.


Add mentors within your LMS and allow them to chat with team members on certain tasks that were assigned within your LMS or answer questions on what trainings they should be taking to progress within their career for development coaching.

Build Communities

Allow users to like, share, save, and comment on posts while building a sense of community for various user groups that you are catering to through your LMS and allow them to collaborate with one another or get notified on any announcements, major releases, or tips and tricks.


Yes, you can set up private forums and only allow certain user groups to access or see the discussions happening.

Yes, notifications are sent via email as well as the application itself for users.

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Yes, once you flag a post, comment or reply, the administrators will receive a notification. After a post, comment or reply has been flagged twice, it will automatically be pulled down.

Yes, you can choose to turn a feature on or off at your convenience.

Yes, social learning enables direct communication between employees within the LMS.

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