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Make training
accessible on the go

Employees no longer have to be at a specific place to take training. Enable mobile learning to give employees the ability to access learning content anytime from anywhere.

Mobile based employee training

Provide a mobile-friendly LMS that helps employees easily access training
while increasing adoption and completion.

Increase adoption

Give employees the ability to access training 24/7 via any mobile device while traveling, between meetings, or on their lunch breaks to view training at their convenience. Empower your employees to learn on the go.

Allow collaboration

Easily chat or instant message team members with questions, comment on posts, or recommend content to one another all in a click of a button from your mobile app.

Continuous learning

Increase employee retention and engagement by fostering a learning & development culture to promote employee growth with micro-learning courses that can be easily consumed.

Higher completion rates

Develop accessible and engaging content that can be accessed via mobile to boost completion and retention rates. Track your ROI to understand the value you gain from your investment.

Benefits of mobile learning

Enable employees to easily and quickly access content to pick up learning as and when it suits them.

Accessible anytime
Social learning
Increased retention



Accessible anytime

Social learning

Increased retention

Learn at your own pace

Make it easier to access content for role-based training or skill development from any device.

Mobile app

Auzmor Learn is downloadable for all mobile devices and supports web browser functions for mobile devices as well. Access your content anytime, anywhere, 24×7.

Discussion forums

Feel like texting a colleague about a new content piece you found interesting? You can easily tag them within your LMS and recommend content to each other or leave feedback on discussion boards.

Course feedback

After training completion, easily rank the courses and leave feedback on what you learned from the training or communicate any feedback you may have for other individuals considering the content.


Leverage built-in chats within your LMS to stay connected and directly message each other to better bridge any communication gaps.



Yes, you can access the content through tablets or any other device with ease. You can either download the Auzmor Learn app from your app store or login from the browser.

Notifications are sent via email and are also sent within the application itself. You can choose to receive push notifications if you download the Auzmor Learn app.

Yes, you can view and access your certificates on the mobile application as well.

Yes, all the content within the LMS is adjusted to fit the frame of the device you are using whether a tablet, mobile, laptop or any other device.

Yes, you can click resume and continue from where you last left off on the training session.

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