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“People are not your most important assets. The right people are!”

Candidate Pipeline

Funnel the right candidates into your pipeline, setup your rating system, and easily move candidates through the hiring process. It’s THAT simple with Auzmor Hire!

Analyze talent needs
Conduct a team audit to establish your talent needs and develop a recruitment plan.
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Analyze talent needs

Conduct a team audit to establish your talent needs and develop a recruitment plan.

Engage and build a talent pool

Connect with potential candidates to interview and rate them.


Sort through the selected candidates and select the perfect match.

Source & screen candidates

Find the right candidates to fill your pipeline by parsing through resumes.


Ease them into their new roles by offering onboarding assistance.

Streamline Processes

A great ATS allows you to hire smarter by building a leak-proof candidate pipeline.






A competent screening process allows for a better candidate experience and ensures reduction in dropouts and helps lower hiring costs.

Candidate pipelines help you strategically source and manage candidates, saving time and keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Effective communication with candidates allow them to foster good relationships with the recruiters and also creates a larger talent pool as other positions open up in the future.

A defined structure allows candidates to smoothly transition from one stage to another which marks as a comfortable and positive experience for them.

Hire helps you touch base with two key elements of a good acceptance rate - shortlisting relevant candidates and keeping them actively engaged.

Candidate Management

Automate each step of your candidate interaction and make it easier to connect with qualified applicants.

Source Talent

Create effective job ads within your ATS and easily add them to leading job boards, communities, and social platforms to attract the best candidates.

Real-Time Collaboration

Communicate with your candidates and keep them engaged and informed during the hiring process. Regular communication will ensure you have the information you need to make informed hiring decisions.

Candidate Review

Easily review resumes, and relevantly shortlist candidates to move them to the next step for sourcing, screening, and decision making.

Offer Management

Gather feedback and customize your user experience with content that is relevant to them and their roles.

Automate Offer Process

Hire As A Team

Quick Acceptance And Onboarding


Auzmor Hire can help you develop an efficient candidate pipeline by automatically screening candidates, rating them based on pre-set criteria and shortlisting the right candidates for every role.

Yes, companies of all sizes need an ATS to help them streamline their recruitment efforts.

Yes, you can easily shortlist candidates using an ATS by defining a criteria.

Yes, Auzmor Hire will rate your shortlisted candidates based on a pre-set criteria. The highest ranking candidates will then be moved to the next stage.

Yes, you can integrate Auzmor Hire with your HRIS system. This will help you avoid system isolation and streamline your HR functions.

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