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Smart features to make learning fun

Course Creation

Easily create new courses for your teams to help them overcome day to day challenges with expert help and insights. The more resources you add, the more their work improves!


Bring all your custom and third party courses into one dashboard. Make it easy for yourself and your team to find the right course at the right time.

Course Search

Powerful course search allows employees to discover new courses in your library, and instantly start developing their skills and building upon their interests.

Simplified Team Management

From creating learning groups to training individuals or teams to do better work together, Auzmor makes team management a cakewalk!


Track the learning progress of the entire team with the Auzmor insights module. Identify what is holding them back from performing their best, offer solutions and encourage them to stay on track!

Mobile Learning

Employees on-the-go can browse, select and take courses from any device or location at any time.


Learning is for everyone

Auzmor Learn makes training and learning fun across all teams

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