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Become audit-ready

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Employee development

Upskill & personalize employee training

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Partner training

Fuel channel partner growth

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An all-in-one LMS

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Discover top trends to facilitate smarter business practices


Revenue-generating LMS

Provide interactive and engaging content for your customers through an easy and simplified end-to-end e-commerce training platform.

Build a successful online
training business


Select training




Set up your online training platform


Launch and market


Design engaging

Select training topics
Research market demand
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An LMS created
for exponential growth

Create a high-quality modern learning experience with your content to serve various user groups.

Revenue management

Manage all revenue streams through a single dashboard and analyze top trends for most revenue generating content.

Payment gateway

A simplified purchasing process for your end-users with pre-built integrations to various payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay.

Branded storefront

Create a seamless user experience with a custom-branded LMS to offer buyers a personalized purchase experience. Allow clients to consume their content as soon as they make the purchase and provide a mobile-friendly solution to allow them to take training anytime, anywhere.

Generate maximum revenue
with the #1 LMS section


Encourage first-time and current customers to purchase courses by providing coupons for different user groups and set deadlines for discount expirations.

Course feedback

Leverage course feedback to gain insight on what your buyers are saying about your content and allow users to see reviews from peers that have already taken the trainings to help encourage new buyers in purchasing the right course.

Multiple audiences

Are you selling content to multiple audiences? Leverage extended enterprise within Aumzor’s LMS to help develop content for different user groups, allowing you to cater to both your B2B and B2C consumers.

Bulk purchasing

Allow your customers to purchase courses in bulk and incentivize it by offering various discounts to your customers.

See how Honeywell has used Auzmor to saveover 150K per year on their compliance training

“Once we realized having an LMS didn’t have to be so complicated, having one that was user-friendly was our priority. Auzmor was by far the easiest to use.”

Tim Benson

Business Analyst at Honeywell

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