The Top eLearning Challenges L&D Professionals Face Every Day


The L&D industry is evolving rapidly with new trends and technologies coming in every day. But, adopting them does come with its fair share of challenges. In this blog, we have highlighted some of the critical challenges that L&D professionals deal with on a daily basis and how they can overcome them. 

Personalizing Training Experience 

Personalizing learning is one of the most common eLearning challenges that L&D professionals face regardless of the organization’s size. Since every learner has unique learning needs, it can be difficult to accommodate them all. However, it is important that organizations focus on surveying their employees to assess their learning needs and make any necessary adjustments to get the expected learning outcome. 

Automating Training Procedures 

The training structure involves a lot of menial and repetitive tasks that tend to take up quite a lot of time if you have not implemented an eLearning solution like an LMS. For example, if you have planned an onboarding training program for your new hires, without an LMS, you’ll be required to send all training materials individually to each employee, track completion/progress by following up, and update the activity tracker. However, if you have an LMS, you can simply assign the course or cluster of courses to any employee with the click of a button, check their progress in real time, and easily download the reports.  

Establishing Alignment Between Training And Organizational Goals

A generic L&D program is your worst enemy. Without alignment between your training programs and organizational goals, your efforts will be ineffective. Each training course must be tailored in line with your specific business needs and updated regularly. Now there are also a few courses that are more or less the same for every organization when it comes to content such as compliance training courses, but even these courses need to be upgraded regularly to ensure you are up-to-date with the market trends. 

Learner Engagement

Out of all challenges of eLearning, developing and sustaining learner engagement is the most time-consuming one. However, developing a true learning ecosystem takes a lot more than just time. The employees must be stimulated on all fronts – cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and social to ensure they are actively engaged, retaining the information they learn, and applying it to their job roles to increase efficiency. 

Developing Training Structure For A Multigenerational Workforce

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to learning especially corporate learning. With a multigenerational workforce, you need to consider that not every employee is as tech-savvy and keen to learn as you’d like them to be. It is important to tap into the preferences of all your learners and cultivate a good learning experience for them. One of the best ways to facilitate multigenerational learning is by using an easy-to-use LMS with content available in various languages. 

Making Training A Part Of Overall Work Experience 

Learning is not additional to an employee’s job roles or workflow, it is a part of it. However, not everyone is able to competently embed learning into their workflow which leads to reduced overall productivity and overworked employees. It is imperative for L&D teams to ensure training courses are a part of employees’ OKRs and have dedicated time on their calendars. 

Balancing Budget

There are hardly any organizations with unlimited L&D budgets; More often than not they are required to make cuts every step of the way making it one of the most difficult to tackle eLearning challenges. To ensure your well-defined structure is well-functioning as well, make realistic estimates in your proposal and outline how investing in the company resources will yield great results. 

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Developing New Content And Updating Training Materials 

Quality content creation requires subject matter experts; if you do not have any on your payroll, you will have to outsource the content. Although there’s a lot of content available on the internet, it can be quite challenging to find the right materials that align with your needs. Now when it comes to updating your existing content, it not only takes a lot of time and effort but also subject knowledge. To combat this eLearning challenge, you can implement an LMS with course authoring tools and a built-in content library that allows you to buy courses made by subject matter experts. 

Progress Tracking 

L&D professionals require active progress tracking and engagement monitoring to ensure their structure is functioning properly. It becomes a lot hectic when you have several training programs running simultaneously. There is no way an L&D team can manually track all the required metrics. This is where implementing an eLearning solution comes into play. With an LMS, all you have to do is download the required reports since they are generated automatically. 

Soliciting Learner Feedback And Implementing It 

Timely, relevant, and actionable feedback can make or break your L&D strategy. It is vital to generate feedback from your learners and implement it to continuously better your structure and training programs. Good feedback will help you improve the eLearning experience for learners, eliminate any ineffective learning practices, motivate your learners and help your organization increase its overall productivity. 

Implementing the feedback is as difficult as soliciting it but is an essential part of improving your L&D structure. Make sure that you track all the changes/improvements based on the feedback you have generated to monitor how it has impacted your learners, process, and organization. 

Finding The Right eLearning Solution

With a plethora of LMSes to choose from, it can be especially hard to find the right fit for your organization. It is recommended to first list out the problems you are hoping to resolve with the help of an LMS and then look for options that support your needs. Once you have shortlisted the prospective LMSes, you can opt for demos to understand the interface better. We have a comprehensive guide for first-time buyers that can help you make an informed decision. 

If you have already implemented an eLearning solution before, you would know how thorough the selection process must be to ensure a good ROI. Now if you are not happy with the existing LMS and are looking to switch, we also have an LMS migration guide you can use to make the process as seamless as it can be. 

Final Thoughts

With so many obstacles along the way, a competent learning partner can do a lot to help you move forward faster. If you are ready to implement an intuitive, robust, easy-to-use eLearning solution, check out Auzmor Learn –  an award-winning LMS with great customer reviews. 

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