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Boston Government Service

Boston Government Services, LLC is an engineering, technology, and security firm
providing mission-focused solutions for the energy technology, nuclear engineering,
and federal programs markets.


Boston Government Services, LLC is an engineering, technology, and security firm providing mission-focused solutions for the energy technology, nuclear engineering, and federal programs markets. Unique capabilities and experience in complex, secure, and highly regulated environments allow BGS to provide tailored solutions for each client’s critical mission needs. BGS business practices are grounded in integrity, quality, and commitment to clients, staff, and partners. BGS operates on the principle that “Client Satisfaction is our Measure of Success.”


BGS is an Engineering, Technology, and Security firm delivering mission-focused solutions for challenging government programs, projects, and operations.

Industry : Engineering
Location : Tennessee
Size : 200 Employees

Sandra Lambert, Training Manager at BGS, has been with the organization for 4 years and is in charge of developing and maintaining an NQA-1 compliant required reading and training program. BGS’s initial program was a labor intensive, manual program and was manageable for a small company, but as the company grew, Sandra convinced the executive team that it was time to consider an automated LMS.

What does success look like to BGS in the next 36 months?


of cost savings

5 out of 6

manual processes were automated or removed entirely


annual cost reduction of overall process


cost reduction per employee record

The Learning Challenge

With an increase in growth over the past few years, reporting and tracking of compliance and onboarding training became a major challenge for Sandra’s team at BGS. The manual process of emailing and timestamping over 20 plus mandatory new-hire assignments was not a scalable model which led Sandra to search for an LMS to better automate these processes and streamline training. “Initially, I was manually delivering required reading using emails. We do a lot of compliance training to be NQA-1 compliant. Required reading and training has to be documented. In the QA world, there is a saying, “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen”. Initially, using a manual system was okay, but when BGS won new contracts and started growing, I realized the manual system was no longer feasible. That is when I started researching for an LMS.” We had to have something to automate delivery so people could login from anywhere, get notifications, and have a centralized process for where the data is hosted.”

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“I’ve already recommended Auzmor Learn to another company! It’s very user friendly. From an administrative standpoint, it’s easy to add courses, personnel, create teams, and assign multiple courses to a team at the same time. Reports are extremely easy to download and you can customize the data however you want. From a learner’s perspective, the only screaming I get from learners is “why do we have to take so much training?” We’ve not really had any issues with it, so I’ve been very happy with the results and customer support has been excellent. I would give support a 10 out of 10.”

Sandra Lambert

Training Manager

Gaining An Edge On Employee Training

“The manual system was very time consuming and included a lot of paperwork and emails back and forth. Once I received the multitude of confirmation emails, they each needed to be submitted as a training record, which is considered a quality assurance (QA) record. QA records have to meet certain requirements. For instance, a QA record has to be submitted formally to our records management system. That entails filling out another form. I would process each confirmation email by turning it into a PDF document, insert pagination, then enter the title, date, number of pages, owner, etc. into the record submittal form. The record submittal form (normally several pages long) along with all the emails would be submitted to our document control administrator (DCA). Then DCA enter all those emails into the records management system, assign each email a records number, then send me notification that the record entry for that submittal was complete. The manual method was labor intensive, not only for me, but for the DCA as well.”

The Results: Less Sinkers, More Swimmers

“Sometimes people do not fully understand the level of effort that goes into monitoring, tracking, and maintaining a training program. There is a lot of activity that goes on behind the scenes. None of it is necessarily hard, but it can be time consuming. Plus, a lot of human error can be made using a manual system. An automated training system is more efficient and minimizes human error. Now, Auzmor is the repository for the confirmation of completions and all I have to do is download a full report out of Auzmor on a periodic basis and submit one file to the RMS. In a nutshell, Auzmor has increased the efficiency and ease of delivery of required reading and training and made documentation of evidence simple.”

Why Auzmor Learn:

  • Economical annual subscription fee

  • Scalability (able to add more seats)

  • Unlimited storage

  • No additional cost to train Administrators

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager at no additional cost

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