Auzmor helps Furniture Fair effectively train their sales team

Peggy Bowman, Corporate Sales Trainer at Furniture Fair, says, “ The sales staff is now more prepared when they hit the sales floor; they can sell easily.”


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“The implementation was absolutely perfect. The Auzmor support team was there to assist us every step of the way. Their support executive was just a text away and there was never a point where I got stuck. Overall, it was fabulous. The support has been really great all throughout the partnership. Auzmor has been great for us; fewer people struggle with sales now. We have even received feedback from the sales managers that staff is now more prepared when they hit the sales floor.”

Peggy Bowman

Sales Trainer at Furniture Fair

Peggy is an experienced corporate sales trainer with a history of working in retail. She has over 20 years of experience training workforces. At Furniture Fair, she is involved in hiring and talent development which includes heading the training team, onboarding new employees, and making lesson plans and course modules for proper training of the sales staff.

Founded in 1963, Furniture Fair is a quality home furnishings brand. They have an extensive network of stores in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Their employee base of about 400 primarily consists of sales employees and operation managers. Their sales approach and operational model are very relational and they believe in offering the best to their customers and employees. Furniture Fair has implemented Auzmor Learn for their sales and onboarding training requirements.


Why Auzmor

Easy to use

Easy to navigate and intuitive LMS that doesn’t require a manual to deliver training.


Perfectly priced LMS to make your learning process cost-effective and reasonable.


Personalize learning experience by adding your brand colors and logo to the LMS


An LMS that is easily scalable enterprise-wide with top-notch support.

Reporting capabilities

Top-of-the-class reporting features with custom reporting abilities to support your dynamic needs.

Customer support

24x7 support available via mobile, chat, phone, and email.

Interview snippets

What was the implementation process like for you?

“The process was really smooth and the Auzmor support team was always there to address any concerns. We initially did two soft launches with a batch of eight to ten employees and then launched it for everyone. We had about three or four classes wherein we would make employees use the system while they were sitting in front of us and addressed any concerns that were coming up instantly. We launched in August 2021 and by September everyone was ready.”

What are the two pieces of advice you would give to new buyers?

“First, you have to ensure you have someone who can build the required content for you. Building content is the most essential part of the training process and it needs to be properly structured. Second, you need to give yourself reasonable timelines for everything from implementation to content creation.”

What is your favorite feature of Auzmor?

“I like the course authoring tool. I did not have an instructional design background so I had never used an authoring tool before. With Auzmor, it was a little bit of a learning process for me but now I actively create courses and paths for onboarding and sales training programs.”

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