How was CCHS able to save money & streamline learning

Michael Vitali, Training & Development Manager, CCHS: “You have a true learning partner with Auzmor Learn.”


Trainings completions

70 hours

Average time spent


Cerificates received

“Auzmor Learn’s customer service team is highly-responsive. For example, when I needed to create a group of “all employees” to deliver training to my staff in one click, the Auzmor team jumped in and created it for me right away. Most companies may tell you how to do something but they aren’t willing to go in and do it for you. With Auzmor, the team is always ready to assist and helps take some of the workload off of you. We don’t see this level of responsiveness with other vendors. I want people to know that they have a true learning partner when they associate with Auzmor. I’m very relationally oriented and other vendors do not offer such support; I would always go with Auzmor.”

Michael Vitali

Training and Development Manager at CCHS
Michael Vitali, Training and Development Manager at CCHS has an overall experience of 20 years as a training specialist and has been using Auzmor Learn for over 2 years. He is a certified professional coach working towards employee development and building a learning culture at CCHS. He felt the need for a comprehensive learning solution 6 days into his role at CCHS and had been using multiple vendors for various forms of training before implementing Auzmor Learn.
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Christ Community Health Services (CCHS) is a federally qualified agency dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to underprivileged communities operating in 12 locations across Memphis. Their employee base primarily consists of customer service professionals, nurses, certified medical assistants, doctors, and behavioral health professionals. They operate on a hybrid model with about 75% of employees working on-site and 25% working remotely.
CCHS mainly focused on compliance or legal training before implementing Auzmor Learn. They were working with multiple vendors separately for healthcare compliance, onboarding, and role-specific training.


Why Auzmor

Ease of integration

Access to over 50+ integration including HRIS, web conferencing tools, SSO, and much more.

Content library

70K+ pre-built courses covering HR compliance, management skills, business skills, safety, and industry specific.


Non-profit discounts available to make implementing an LMS cost effective and reasonable.

User recommendation and reviews

An LMS that is easily scalable enterprise wide with top notch support.

Customer service & support

24x7 support available via mobile, chat, phone, and email.

User interface

Easy to navigate and intuitive LMS that doesn’t require a manual to deliver training.

Interview snippets

Three of Michael’s favorite features in Auzmor Learn

  • Events – “Since scheduling and managing in-person events takes up a lot of time and effort, Auzmor has taken off a lot of pressure when it comes to tracking and scheduling in-person training events. It makes registration and downloading a roster very easy for us and even helps people who are instructing.”
  • Paths – It is simple and easy to assign multiple pieces of training to learners.
  • Reporting – Numerous easily-trackable learner metrics.

How has your interaction with Auzmor Support been so far?

Michael rates Auzmor Support 4.8 on a scale of 5. Michael finds Auzmor’s customer success team and support team extremely responsive. He notes, “They are always just a call away and I have the answers I need in minutes of raising a concern.”

How was Auzmor Learn implemented at CCHS?

Michael noted that they did a company-wide launch and implementation came easily with the help of the Auzmor team. He was provided with all the necessary documents, a set of introductory emails, and other launch material. He highlighted, “It has been two years since implementation and everything has worked smoothly; there have been no kinks.”

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