Homeward Bound saves $150K annually with Auzmor Learn 

Grant Haley, Training Director, Homeward Bound: “We have been complimented by the Minnesota Department of Health several times for our training structure; thanks to Auzmor.”


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“I have never worked with a company as responsive as Auzmor Learn. All of my questions have always been answered by the support team in a matter of hours. They helped us with everything from structuring the LMS to making teams in the system; we had a very smooth and great roll-out. We have had the Minnesota Department of Health come in a few times and we were able to pull up all the training records they needed with a few simple clicks. They complimented us several times by saying we are the most organized training department they have ever seen; all thanks to Auzmor.”

Grant Haley

Training Director at Homeward Bound
Grant Haley, Training Director at Homeward Bound has an experience of over 7 years training and managing workforces. He has always been passionate about working in the human services industry and also has experience performing direct care in a crisis home setting. 

Homeward Bound is a supportive home care and supportive home health agency. They offer a range of services from assistance with cooking and cleaning to skilled nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Their employee base of 300 primarily consists of certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and direct care staff. They operate in 22 locations across the US and have implemented Auzmor Learn company-wide for compliance, onboarding, and employee-development training requirements. 


Why Auzmor


Non-profit discounts available to make implementing an LMS cost effective and reasonable.


Easy to navigate and intuitive LMS that doesn’t require a manual to deliver training.

Customer service & support

24x7 support available via mobile, chat, phone, and email.

Quick implementation

Get your LMS up and running in mere days with Auzmor’s exemplary support team.

Reporting capabilities

Top-of-the-class reporting features with custom reporting abilities to support your dynamic needs.  

Content library

70K+ pre-built courses covering HR compliance, management skills, business skills, safety, and industry specific.

Interview snippets

What was the company culture like at Homeward Bound before Auzmor and how did it change?  

“Training and development was not the focal point before we implemented Auzmor. The process was scattered and it was really difficult to track everything. The employees had gotten used to the way things were and when we implemented Auzmor, there was a lot of pushback since the employees had to take all their training seriously and in the appropriate time frame. But after a while, the mindset shifted and people started realizing the importance of training and how it is benefiting them. We now have over 14k trackable training completions.”

What do you do to keep engagement consistent within the platform?

“We introduced an incentive model when we first implemented Auzmor Learn to make it interesting for our employees. For example, if there is a certain training that every employee has to take, we’d offer gift vouchers to the first 5 employees who complete the training. Now since our employees have had the time to adjust to the new form of training, we have phased out the incentives. 

To keep the engagement consistent, I often include humorous bits in the training modules that are over 2 hours long and dry with regard to content. I take the time to edit videos and ensure that the learners are engaged throughout.”

What are two pieces of advice you’d give to new LMS buyers? 

“First, I would suggest not being intimidated by an LMS. It’s okay to try things and screw them up. You can always learn from your mistakes. 

Second, I have seen a lot of people have trouble asking for advice and help when needed. To those people, I would recommend stepping out of their comfort zone and asking for advice. It could really make a difference.” 

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