Auzmor helps MFH effectively train medical professionals in developing countries

Govinda Bilges, Program Coordinator, Medicines For Humanity: “We train solely on Auzmor; we would not have been able to do what we do without it.”


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“The support has always been really great. We get solutions to our problems fairly quickly, and I don’t feel like I am talking to a wall when I am talking to support. There have always been efforts to resolve our problems, and we can see that. Auzmor’s platform is very intuitive and easy to use; the user experience is excellent for creators and users alike. The platform is also very easily scalable. Auzmor basically has all of the features we needed from our wishlist. We train solely on Auzmor; with about 85% of self-paced and 15% through live sessions. We would not have been able to do what we do without Auzmor. ”


Govinda Bilges

Humanity Program Coordinator

Govinda Bilges is the Learning for Humanity Program Coordinator at Medicines For Humanity. She keeps in touch with the sister associations, markets their program to them, writes the curriculum, and facilitates the required courses. 

Medicines For Humanity (MFH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of vulnerable children and their mothers. They primarily operate in areas of high child mortality by collaborating with in-country partners. They focus on building the capacity of in-country healthcare partners which are typically congregations of Catholic Sisters to improve child health. Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Malawi, Sudan, and Zambia are a few of the countries they operate in. Their learner base primarily consists of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.


Why Auzmor

Interactive content creation

Easy content creation options packed with interactive widgets, and audio and visual support.

Helpful features and functionality

A platform packed with blended and social learning features for a holistic learning experience.

Great user experience

Easy to navigate and intuitive LMS that doesn’t require a manual to deliver training.

Excellent customer service

24x7 support available via mobile, chat, phone, and email.


Non-profit discounts are available to make implementing an LMS cost-effective and reasonable.


An LMS that is easily scalable enterprise-wide with top-notch support.

Interview snippets

What is the learning environment like at MFH?

“All of our courses are 85% self-paced and 15% live; we generally have our sisters do one course each week. These courses can range from intense healthcare management to finance and more. To ensure our learners are retaining the information from the course, we make them implement what they have learned from the course at their facility.”

What is your favorite feature?

“As an administrator, I really like the course authoring tools. I love the way content can be manipulated and how easy it is to control things on the settings side. I also really like the ‘Events’ feature as it helps us conduct live training sessions with our learners and it is being continuously updated which is the best aspect about it.”

What are the two pieces of advice you’d give to first-time LMS buyers?

“The two pieces of advice would be:

  1. Make your wishlist before you start the hunt and analyze exactly what you need for yourself and your students. Then, make sure the vendors you are looking at have the right features for you. It is also important to focus on the user experience. 
  2. Find a vendor that is open to feedback and has a good support setup; this is essential as a customer. It is best to have a vendor like Auzmor because even if they don’t have a solution right away, they will always try and help the best way they can, and come up with updates to ease it out for you.” 

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