Know how Auzmor helped Calibrate fastrack learning

Amy McClain, Director of Training, Calibrate: “Auzmor helped us train our coaches a lot faster and more efficiently.”


Trainings completions

44 hours

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“Implementing Auzmor Learn was a seamless experience for us; we had a great rollout. The Auzmor Team has been there for us every step of the way. They are also fairly quick to respond to tickets or feature requests. What I love the most about Auzmor is that it is super easy to use and comes with all the bells and whistles. I remember when we first implemented it, I was able to author courses without any formal instructions. Auzmor has helped us train our coaches a lot faster and more efficiently.”

Amy McClain

Director of Training at Calibrate
Amy McClain, Director of Training at Calibrate has over 20 years of experience in training workforces and has contributed significantly to developing a comprehensive training structure at Calibrate. She built and now manages the Training and Instructional Design teams while monitoring the effectiveness of their various training programs.

Calibrate is a metabolic health company with a mission to change the way the world treats weight. They have sustainable weight loss programs guided by doctors, coaches, and specialists. The entire operational setup of Calibrate is remote and the employee base consists of 450-500 employees from across the USA.


Why Auzmor

Intuitive interface

Easy to navigate and intuitive LMS that doesn’t require a manual to deliver training.


Hyper-scalable platform that supports your organizational growth.

Content authoring tools

Easy content creation options packed with interactive widgets, and audio and visual support.

Reporting abilities

Top-of-the-class reporting features with custom reporting abilities to support your dynamic needs.


Get your LMS up and running in mere days with Auzmor’s exemplary support team.

Customer service

24x7 support available via mobile, chat, phone, and email.

Interview snippets

How has Auzmor Learn impacted your business?

“Auzmor has been a great help in training our coaches faster. We now have a platform full of resources that people can go back to and look at if needed. It has also empowered managers as when their team is struggling, they can simply assign some training as a refresher and that has helped a lot.”

What do you do to keep engagement consistent within the platform?

“We look at a lot of engagement metrics and do regular check-ins with our learners in form of surveys or questionnaires. We also look forward to using the ‘Forums’ feature more actively in the coming year and would love to have our learners engage on the courses and training materials.”

What are two pieces of advice you’d give to new LMS buyers?

“For the implementation phase, it is critical to first understand how you want the system to be set up. Determine who needs to be given what kind of access and what the structure will primarily look like. Looking for a flexible solution is always recommended. As with Auzmor, we had just purchased it for the coaching department but over time everyone wanted their own thing and we had the flexibility to build branches within the LMS.” 

“As for usage, you must understand the full potential of the LMS and how you can harness it. The main administrators, other administrators, and managers need to ensure they are making the most of the platform. It is vital to set up clear expectations for people that are responsible for different learners in the LMS.”

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