Tusker Hydraulics Delivers Robust Production & Manufacturing Training With Auzmor Learn.


Tusker Hydraulics

Tusker Hydraulics Delivers Robust Production & Manufacturing Training With Auzmor Learn.


Tusker Hydraulics specializes in selling high-quality hydraulic cylinders. Their broad product line offers a solution for every possible cylinder application. They are specialized in distributing both custom and standard hydraulic cylinders. For Tusker, employee training was compulsory as it’s essential for employees to follow compliance and regulations with respect to the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders.


Tusker Hydraulics offers a broad product line and a solution for every possible cylinder application.

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Size: 300+ employees

“Auzmor has saved us time, money, and nearly hundreds of hours of hold-up during production.”

– Rahul Mishra
Chief Operating Officer

The Learning Challenge

Prior to implementing e-learning, getting employees trained was quite an undertaking. “We had to schedule a couple of days for trainers to come on-site and train employees physically in-person. This was time-consuming and also expensive as we had to stop production for a couple of days or sometimes slow down production. Since our business model is based on the production and manufacturing of cylinders, as you can imagine, this was bad for business.”

“As a cylinder manufacturer, we decided to get ahead of the curve and adopt the latest cutting-edge technology. Our employees are certified, confident, and competent thanks to the training delivered through Auzmor.”

Rahul Mishra

Chief Operating Officer

Gaining An Edge On Employee Training

“Many organizations in our industry are switching from in-person training to e-learning as it saves time and money, but ultimately also increases retention of information.” “We knew we wanted to use an intuitive LMS with as little of a learning curve as possible. We loved Auzmor’s demonstration, but in reality, the driving force for our decision was the intuitive look and feel of the product.”

The Results: Adoption Of Technology

“We decided to try online learning and that’s why we were interested. We didn’t want to lose out by not adopting technology, we have the ambition to implement a 100% automation initiative by 2022. We started to use robots in our plants for certain functions in our manufacturing process so that our people can focus more on the business.”

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