Innovation is at the heart of Auzmor

Auzmor is a minority-owned business with innovation at it’s heart. We build our products to not only help our clients fast-track business growth but to revolutionize the future of technology.

Here’s a look into our products

Auzmor is an HR SaaS company founded by serial entrepreneur Darryl Jose, focusing on employee training, recruitment, and employee experience.

Auzmor Learn

An enterprise-wide LMS leading the market by being a one-stop-shop for organizations across the globe with a built-in authoring tool and a content library of over 70K courses.

Auzmor Hire

Use Auzmor Hire to create a great candidate experience, build your talent pool, and automate your hiring processes from job distribution to candidate management.

Auzmor Office

Create a memorable employee experience by providing employees a virtual office with a social intranet to stay connected with team members. It is a central hub for all documentation and communication channels to easily access information and stay up-to-date on company news.

Our Leadership

Meet the diverse team of leaders who have customer satisfaction at the top of their minds and are hyper-focused on problem solving to help companies take better care of their employees.

Darryl Jose

Founder & CEO

With his exceptional entrepreneurship skills, Darryl has transformed several businesses into thriving multi-million dollar organizations. His 20+ years of experience, innovative mindset, and effective leadership style have proven to be a winning formula for growth and success.

Zee Asghari

Co-Founder & Head of Sales

Zee is a results-driven sales leader with 10+ years of experience. She is passionate about HR solutions and helping organizations better develop their workforce to become the leaders of their space. She leads the Sales & Support teams at Auzmor and has developed a comprehensive and quick response mechanism to ensure our clients get instant support.

Bhanu Valluri

Co-Founder & Advisor

Bhanu has over 10 years of experience facilitating innovation by triangulating client needs and converting them into products that solve their problems. He is passionate about building products that make a difference and accelerate the pace of growth in the HCM industry. His leadership style encourages Auzmor employees to put forth their best ideas and collaborate amongst one another.

Gowtham Rupavatharam

Co-Founder & AVP of Engineering

Gowtham is a technology leader with 14+ years of experience. He is passionate about problem-solving, and building large-scale applications to provide efficient solutions for end-users use cases. He leads the Engineering & Infrastructure teams at Auzmor to ensure our product infrastructure remains scalable and adaptable.

Life at Auzmor



At Auzmor, we believe in mutual growth that stems from innovating together!

We’re all about

We’re a hyper-focused, customer-obsessed brand empowering our clients to achieve their organizational objectives faster and more efficiently.


Out-of-the box thinkers who execute ideas that create value.


Change-makers that have a problem-solving mindset and take initiative.


Employee growth-driven to help talent better their skills and make a difference.

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