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Technology Partners

Launching, tracking, and reporting for any type of training, in one centralized location, viewable on any device.


Stay in the flow by plugging into our employee data

Thousands of our customers use third-party software integrations to enhance Auzmor. That’s where you come in. As a third-party developer, you can leverage our open API to build powerful apps and integrations and then market your solution through the Marketplace to the thousands of small


Happy customers make sticky customers.

  • Resell the No. 1 HR software for small and medium business
  • Elevate your clients HR practice
  • Protect against competition with expanded services
  • Earn recurring and implementation revenue

Resources and benefits

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Compliance content

Promote a learning culture, so your employees can grow as your company grows. Use your own trainings or one of ours.

Tech content

Use people data to take HR to the next level, build stronger teams, and help them accomplish their goals together.

Workplaces safety content

Go beyond the performance reviews. Understand what is holding your team back and facilitate steps that will boost their productivity.


we support SCORM/AICC eLearning standards

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