We’re always looking for ways to help companies create more human experiences for their employees. If you believe in doing better work together too, let’s join hands and make it happen!

Explore our flexible partnership opportunities and let’s get started.

Auzmor Partnership Opportunities

There are many ways to build great human experiences. But we want you to choose how you want to contribute – sell, implement, customize or integrate with Auzmor, depending on what your business goal is.

Technology partners

We want to help modern companies offer human experiences to their fast growing team. That’s why we’re looking for partners who share our vision and mission, to deliver solutions that enable the same.

Be it software integration, building a custom app together or offering technical consulting, let’s innovate, develop and grow together!

Reseller partners

We’re looking for partners from across the globe who can join hands with Auzmor and reach new heights together. Join the Auzmor reseller program to become a part of a community of partners selling a software that is built for modern companies.

Expand your reach with better and more offerings with our reseller program.

Why become an Auzmor partner

Because building things together is always fun!


Don’t hold back your ideas. Bring them to life by working with the Auzmor team to integrate or build new solutions that can help modern teams do better work with positive human experiences.


Work closely with our growing ecosystem of partners, customers and Auzmor products with a structured partner engagement program. Let’s succeed together through collaboration!


Our technology partners can consult, customize and implement solutions around the Auzmor suite of products. Let’s build better solutions for modern companies to empower human experiences and monetize higher

Become an Auzmor partner

And let’s build better human experiences together! Let’s start by getting to know each other a little better.