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Join us in creating a world of seamless, consistent, and powerful experiences throughout the HR function

Bringing your technology to the world

If you are like us and strive to keep your customers at the center of your growth strategy, let’s talk.

Content Partners

We partner with the world's leading content providers to bring a comprehensive catalog of over 60,000+ courses to our product Auzmor Learn. If you believe you have the most impactful content, let's talk.

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Technology Partners

Our API makes it easy to integrate with the world's leading platforms and solutions. Talk to us today.

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Reseller Partners

Take our powerful yet user-friendly HR suite to the markets you specialize in. We guarantee that your customers will trust you even more.

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Referral Partner

Connect your customers to a full HR suite. If you believe your customers could benefit from Auzmor, we’d like to see how we could team up.

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Why partner with Auzmor

With over 15 years of experience in workforce engagement, nobody knows it better than us. We strive to solve every challenge faced by HR leaders worldwide.


Increase adoption and make your product and platforms truly indispensable for your customers.


Transparent knowledge sharing for your business by experienced HR and technology professionals.


Generate new businesses and grow existing client relationships.

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