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Innovation that caters to you and your industry

Built from the cloud up, Auzmor is equipped to work with your organization to meet the specific requirements of your industry.

Solutions created to meet your unique needs


Financial industries are tasked with major compliance requirements. Develop your workforce and stay current with the skill sets needed while easily tracking compliance training and employee development.

Solar Energy

Solar organizations have evolved from niche, environmentally-driven products to ones which drive increased financial savings. With rapid growth in demand for solar installments, finding the right talent is a challenge. Upskill your employees across your workforce by providing the right training program customized to your organization’s needs.



Employers across all sectors turn to staffing firms to source talent. Finding excellent recruiters and candidates with specialized skills for placements is a difficult task. Implementing a training program to bridge critical candidate requirements will help differentiate your agency from the competition by offering more than contingent labor.


Workplace injuries and accidents remain a constant issue within the construction industry. Ongoing training and tracking is the best way to emphasize safe working practices for employees and reinforce the lessons that have been taught throughout an employee’s career.

Managed Services

High rates of employee churn is an ongoing struggle for managed service providers. Gain an edge by implementing additional technical training to upskill and certify employees.


Manufacturing, packaging, and transporting chemicals has never been more regulated than it is today. From safety standards to practical concerns, your employees need to be equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge on industry standards to ensure a safe and productive working environment for years to come.


From patient privacy concerns, offering quality care, and improving interpersonal communication with patients, investing in technology to enable your workforce will improve the patient experience and help to establish your organization as a leader in service.


In today’s tight labor market, developing and upskilling your workforce is key to ensuring you remain at the top of the industry. Launch safety training and track completion over time to create a safe and productive workplace while building up your internal talent to take on more responsibility.

IT Services

IT services are one of the most globally disrupted workforces today. Organizations need to ensure that employees are trained and up-to-date on the latest security, cloud, and data platforms and practices. To do this requires an innovative, adaptable solution that allows you to create organic training courses as well as implement the most recent courses available from providers worldwide.

Non Profit

As a non-profit organization, you have a unique and important mission, as well as a diverse and dispersed workforce including employees, volunteers, donors, and more. You need an easy to use online solution to train, mobilize, and motivate your workforce, as well as communicate important information and operations.

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