Modern HR
For Today's Workplace

A smart and flexible HRIS software for effective team management.

Powerful features built for the modern HR

Employee Data

Create a centralized system to record all your employee data - from new hires to those who are leaving, never lose any information.

  • Flexible system of records
  • Custom employee profiles
  • Track and audit record changes
  • Restricted permission to data

Organization Charts

Auzmor brings together all your employee information on a common dashboard. Use your people data to know your colleagues better, create a strong company structure and improve employee performance.

  • Give greater visibility into departments, business units and management
  • Improve team discovery and collaboration


Store and manger all employee and company documents in one place.

  • Access eligibility and tax documents in one place
  • Restrict sensitive document access
  • Track document submission status

Approval Workflows

Streamline recurring HR approval processes approval processes

  • Streamline hiring, salary change, promotion and other approvals
  • Designate department or location specific approvers
  • Enforce accountability and compliancy

New Hire Onboarding

Engage the new-hires with paperless & personalized onboarding

  • Use e-signatures for IP and other agreements
  • Collect I-9 and W-4 documents electronically for compliance
  • Create custom fields to collect additional information

Time Tracking

Review, track and manage employee time offs easily with Auzmor. No more having to chase your employees to clock time on spreadsheets or collect data from various time tracking tools.

  • Timely recording
  • Track over time
  • Configure time off plans
  • Manage requests

Payroll Management

Stay on top of employee earnings, deductions and taxes with Auzmor. No more struggling with spreadsheets to manage the payroll of an ever growing team!

  • Seamless integration with payroll
  • Works with benefits and expense services
  • Unified HR
  • Year-end reporting

Benefit Deductions

No matter where your employees work from, manage benefits like a boss. Be it life, health, commute or savings benefits, Auzmor brings it all to a unified dashboard.

  • Works with all benefit service providers
  • Automate deductions
  • Seamless integration with payroll


Get insights from your people data - the number of employees, the growth of teams, hours clocked, time offs, projects completed and more. Enable your team to work better with actionables!

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