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Titan Solar Power

Titan Solar Power Supercharges Employee Training With Auzmor Learn.


Titan Solar Power is a strong, bold, and forward-thinking organization, driven by the purpose to enrich the lives of the communities they work within by providing clean, renewable energy. Mary, Titan’s Corporate Trainer, was tasked with building a strong training program for current employees and new hires. Having 6+ years of previous experience in leadership, coaching, and team development, she entered an environment that had little patience for outdated and time-consuming employee engagement systems. When Mary discovered Auzmor, she saw it as the Learning Management Solution they needed – easy-to-use, mobile optimized, and capable of providing real-time results.


Titan Solar Power provides clean, renewable energy to families and businesses across Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Florida.

Industry: Solar, Chemical, Engineering
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Size: 400+ employees

Once we realized having an LMS didn’t have to be so complicated, having one that was user-friendly was our priority. Auzmor was by far the easiest to use.

Mary Gendron

Corporate Trainer, Titan Solar Power

What’s success looked like so far for Titan Solar Power In The First 4 Months?

Titan Solar Power integrated 100+ courses from OpenSesame on topics ranging from OSHA to leadership.


Courses Completed In First 4 Months.


New Learners In First 4 Months.


Assessments In First 4 Month


Courses Imported In First 4 Months.

The Learning Challenge

“Before I came on and we implemented Auzmor, training at Titan was scattered and took time away from workloads managers had. We only had safety training, but no leadership or continued education was offered. The only e-learning content we had were very outdated videos we received from our insurance company for free and seemed like they were from the 90’s. Departments are small, so when existing employees were dedicating tons of time to training new hires, they were losing out on their own personal success. From day one, new hires were thrown into the mix and it was quite “sink or swim” in terms of navigating their new role. As a tech-savvy organization, we wanted to implement e-learning training.”

Mary’s main focuses are onboarding new employees, promoting continuous learning and development for current employees, and creating the new training content for new employees.

Mary Gendron

"Auzmor has been amazing to work with. They always go above and beyond to help me and answer my questions. Their success managers are so friendly and honestly great to work with. I talk to them about every week and they really care about making sure we have a good experience. I get really fast responses to questions, personalized demos of new features, and tutorials on features that I have not been using fully. I feel like Titan is more than just another account and that we matter."

Mary G.

Director of Sales Training, Coaching, & Development

Gaining An Edge On Employee Training

“We had existing documentation on training that could be leveraged, but it was pretty basic and in multiple locations. Now everything is centralized and Auzmor helped bridge the gap for us.”

When shopping around for LMS’s, we knew we wanted something user-friendly so our departments could easily onboard. We kept running into LMS’s where you had to learn how to code to integrate off the shelf e-learning courses and content. I love how with Auzmor you can customize courses with your own branding, create learning groups to encourage teamwork, and more.”

The Results: Less Sinkers, More Swimmers

To introduce a more streamlined and engaging training process, Mary turned to Auzmor and Titan employees fully embraced having an e-learning program.

“Since we’ve implemented Auzmor, new hires feel more prepared and confident before they fully integrate into their new teams. Everything was done on an excel spreadsheet before, and now training is centralized. Auzmor’s impressive reporting and insights functionalities helped give us an overarching view on what training is happening in just one or two clicks. We’re passionate about investing in our talent and helping them grow – and we’re glad Auzmor helps us do that.”

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