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American Technology Consulting

ATC Differentiates IT Staffing, Lean-Agile Transformation, Testing POD, & DevOps Pod With Auzmor Learn. 


Technology leaders know that constant evolution is a must for modern businesses, but organizational and technical challenges impede progress. What pushes this progress forward? Great talent. Tremendous employees. ATC understands the war for retaining top-tier talent and has spent the last decade gathering the resources and expertise to help enterprises like yours move at the speed of digital to place great talent at forward-thinking companies. Having years of previous experience in leadership, coaching, and team development, Todd entered an environment that had little patience for outdated and time-consuming employee learning and development systems. When Todd discovered Auzmor, he knew it was the solution for sales training and talent training.


At ATC, we understand the challenges in talent placement and gaps in skills that candidates may have and we have spent the last decade gathering the resources and expertise to help enterprises like yours move at the speed of digital.

Industry: Staffing
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Size: 600+ employees

“The solution we were looking for needed to be intuitive – similar to how the iPhone doesn’t need an instruction manual. We found that in Auzmor.” 

– Todd McNamara

Director Of Sales, ATC

What’s success looked like for ATC In The First Year

ATC Power 150+ courses from OpenSesame on topics ranging from sales to leadership.


Courses Completed In First 12 Months. 


New Learners In First 12 Months.


Assessments In First 12 Months.  


Courses Imported In First 12 Months.

The Learning Challenge

“As the Director of Sales at American Technology Consulting, LLC, I wanted our sales team to have the best-in-class training to help prepare them. I lead our sales team with product training and sales techniques. Before Auzmor, there wasn’t much of an established process.  Mostly, it was figure it out for yourself, sit next to someone who knows what they are doing, and lacked structure. We would have to reinvent a training process for every new hire. And unfortunately, there was no reference repository for any of the past pieces of training that were done.”

"Newly on-boarded employees at the companies we place talent at are appreciative of the time & effort that went into designing the courses thanks to Auzmor's custom content functionalities. They have a reference point to brush up on concepts that they had been taught previously or learn entirely new skills to be competitive in their roles."

Todd M.

Director Of Sales

Gaining An Edge On Employee Training

“Auzmor is one of the newer players in the LMS field. They seemed willing to work with customers to improve their solution and incorporate features as they are needed. The criteria for us in our search were price, features, UI, and intuitiveness.” “We knew we wanted to onboard an easy-to-use LMS as our case and need for an LMS wasn’t only internal, but also needed for our clients and for them to use within their organizations, so we wanted something with a short learning curve.”

The Results: Innovative IT Staffing

“Although we initially were using it for internal training purposes, we are in the process of rolling it out to our clients we’re placing talent with as a training & retention tool. A value-add that our competitors are not embracing. It has been a game-changer.” “Having a central repository where we have an instant view of the trainings that are being taken in the organization has been immensely valuable. Previously there was no central repository, and now we can instantly see how talent is developing at the companies we’re placing them at.”

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